Grateful for Human Design

Grateful For My Own Self Love

Grateful for My Stamina and Charisma

Grateful for GRACE and OPEN


If you‘re going to walk this way, you‘re going to have to be a very selfish warrior. This is not a cakewalk. This is not some kind of game. It‘s really quite something. It‘s about nurturing your power, your authority, and your beauty. It‘s about learning how to trust yourself. It‘s only when you begin to trust yourself that you can begin to love yourself. 

Human beings basically don‘t like themselves at all. It seems so important what somebody else thinks because you‘re lost in a homogenized world where those things trap you and imprison you.

Every step you take in this knowledge moves you further and further into your process, not somebody else‘s. It‘s not an easy thing to share. It is a deep, deep inner process. It‘s yours. 

Everything about the world around you is an illusion. It‘s the illusion you see every moment according to where you‘re at. It‘s quite something to begin to really see, to begin to see with your eyes, and to begin to see with the possibilities that are there for you based on what you are. 

You have a cross and a profile and a design. You have a purpose in this life. These are not things you can just have or that you deserve. You have to have courage to get there.

– Ra Uru Hu

The mind cannot know past the present moment. It can only think it knows.

However…. the body does KNOW….and the mind can assist in deciphering ones own personal body language into a language for others to hear and understand. The body cannot lie. It is the only truth that we can trust. The mind, on the other hand, has been tweaked through conditioning and societal brainwashing. I only trust my mind to guide me to the best way to communicate. It is, or can be brilliant, in decoding the symbols for communication purposes.

Human Design is My Way to a Better Life

January 11, 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Beautiful Brother Jody ….Moved On and never to Be Forgotten!!!

Was thinking about My Brother Jody tonight and went to my Memories on Facebook and found this. It just turned Jody’s birthday at midnight. He would’ve been 66 today. We were 16 months apart. Feeling SO MUCH right now. I know the Planets are WHACKY so maybe My feelings are MAGNIFIED?

Below are words I wrote 3years ago. Always curious to read my own words because I don’t remember or recognize. 

I think this statement pretty much says it. I relate, anyway. I have changed a little each time I lost a loved one. It’s like ….with each passing a little hole is left where Life ((breath joy reason excite meant)) … leak through and away. I continue to try and gather it back and I talk to my loved ones moved on about it. Who else to have that conversation with, eh? I don’t think we really know much about this subject. It is the Gift of Mystery offered out to wonder about and hopefully grow through…and become wiser from. But the loss of those I love has definitely changed me. And the oldher I get I see that I must hold them within me….or I lose them altogether. They are always here because I want them. Remembering and grieving are the exercises that keep them close. It is healthy to feel sadness and to use tears to cleanse the well that holds the whole cup of tea, which includes joy and passion and desire. Balance comes from acknowledging our whole self and our whole self includes everyone and everything. I once wrote a term paper in college on the value of grieving. I included with it a story, fairytale like, and costume, which I wore when I presented my paper. It came to me that if everyone was in their feeling body, which includes awareness, then the world would be a different place. We cannot do harmful and unconscious things if we feel the tragedy and pain that comes from inhumane or irrational action. Or so it seems to me .

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